Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One issue I found with JDeveloper BPEL

I found one issue with JDeveloper with SOA extension when I was designing one BPEL process. What I was trying to do is to dynamically set the queue name with JMS adapter in BPEL. The queue name is stored in the variable: RuleInputOutput which is of the type: ProviderRouting. The structure of ProviderRouting is shown in the following diagram.

The key of implementing dynamically JMS routing is to set the JMSDestinationName property in the invoke activity. So I tried to set this property value from the variable: RuleInputOutput in the invoke setting window as shown below.

After selecting the right element then clicked on several OK buttons in the different popup window. Everything looked fine so far.

Next I was trying to build the BPEL process and found I got some compiler error messages as shown as the below:

I went to BPEL design panel and clicked on Source tab to see the source code of BPEL. What I found is that after setting JMSDestinationName using invoke setting winodw JDeveloper generated some following codes:

After scratching my head for a while I realized that the query in setting JMSDestinationName is not so right. It is missing one slash in the beginning of the query. After correcting this as the below diagram the BPEL can be built without any compiler error.

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