Thursday, August 4, 2011

JMS Adapter Operation Types

Oracle SOA 11g JMS adapter provides 3 types of operations:
  1. Consume Message
  2. Produce Message
  3. Request/Reply
Consumer Message operation is used to receive inbound message from JMS destination. A receive activity is needed in the BPEL.

Produce Message operation is for sending outbound message into JMS destination. This operation is executed via BPEL invoke activity.

The third operation is Request/Reply. This operation involves two-way message flow: sending the request message to the JMS destination and receiving the response message from another JMS destination. The advantages of this operations is that you just need to configure one adapter for sending and receiving the messages and also the request and response correlation can be handled automatically by the adapter itself.

Request/Reply operation has two modes: synchronous and asynchronous. When using synchronous mode you just need to use invoke activity in your BPEL.

With asynchronous mode you need one invoke activity to send the request message and another activity: receive to receive the response message.

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