Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The error using test console of Oracle Service Bus 11g

Recently I was trying to test one proxy service using test console in OSB console I encountered the error after clicking on the Launch Test Console icon.   It shows the error like the below:

I found that one solution for this issue is to check the listen address of the server.  From the console go to the Mydomain --> Environment --> Servers --> AdminServer. Then check the Settings of the AdminServer --> Configuration --> General.   I found that the Listen Adress is empty.  The fix is to enter localhost as the value for Listen Address and save the change as the below:

In order to make this change effective I need to restart the server.    After the server is restarted I can use the test console in OSB console now.

Monday, September 3, 2012

How to change jdkhome for Netbeans

After you change your JDK home directory, your installed NetBeans will have the following error when you start it:

You can easily avoid this error occurring by changing the configuration file for NetBeans.
This configuration file: netbeans.config is located in: Your_NetBeans_Installation_Dir\etc.

Open this file and change the item: netbeans_jdkhome to your new JDK home directory as the following example:


Then save the change.   Note that by default this file is set to the security properties without Write attribute so you need to change the security property before you can save your changes.

After the change is saved NetBeans can be started to use the new JDK now.