Thursday, August 25, 2011

Manually copy plan.xml into other servers in the cluster

It is strange that you need to do so. But it is true. In Oracle SOA 11g cluster environment when you update the plan.xml you need to copy this plan.xml to other servers in the same cluster before you can activate the changes. No doing so will lead the error that complains the plan.xml file is not found.

For example, when you create a new outbound connection pool for JMSAdapter in the one cluster which has 3 servers: server01_01, server01_02 and server01_03 the plan.xml is created when you do so via EM on server01_01. You need to manually copy this plan.xml to the same folder on server01_02 and server01_03 before you activate the changes. Otherwise you will get the error like the below: /opt/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_SOA1/soa/connectors/JMSPlan/Plan.xml (No such file or directory).


  1. Thanks mate for this hint, I found it useful.

  2. Muchas gracias, me fue de mucha utilidad!