Monday, June 9, 2014

Set the composite name using function ora:setCompositeInstanceTitle()

ora:setCompositeInstanceTitle() can be used to set the name of the composite instance.  It is very useful because you can set the name of the composite instance using the values with business meaning.  It would be convenient for the support people to search for a particular instance by the business value.

It is can be done in either BPEL component or Mediator component.

Within BPEL component what needs to be done is set one variable using ora:setCompositeInstanceTitle() which can be found from Advanced Functions.  

<variable name="CompositeTitle" type="xsd:string"/>
<assign name="SetInstanceName">
        <from expression="ora:setCompositeInstanceTitle(concat('Test   :', ora:getCompositeInstanceId()) )"/>
        <to variable="CompositeTitle"/>

Within Mediator component it is done by setting one property using ora:setCompositeInstanceTitle().   Clicking on Assign Values button in the below diagram will start to set the value to the property.

In Assign Value popup window To type is selected as property and the property value is select as: tracking.compositeInstanceId.

From type is selected as expression. In the expression Builder select ora:setCompositeInstanceTitle() which can be found from Mediator Expression Functions.

Now the property is assigned which will set the composite title in Mediator.

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