Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Use logical directory path in File Adapter

Oracle SOA File adapter provides both physical and logical directory path in configuring File adapter. By its name the physical path is the physical path of the server. Obviously it is not so flexible to use physical path in the design time. Logical path provides advantages over the physical path. Firstly you can deploy the same composite into the various environments where the actual physical path may be different. For example in development environment the path is /u90/uminput while in the production the path is /u100/shared/uminput. Also with logical path you can change the physical path during the runtime without redeployment. 

Set logical path in FILE Adapter Configuration Wizard 

The first step is to select to use logical path when configuring the file adapter as shown in the below. Here XML_FILE_PATH is the logical name of the directory path for the File adapter.


After the configuration the file adapter using File Adapter Wizard there will one property called XML_FILE_PATH for the service in composite.xml.


For each environment the different value can be set for the property XML_FILE_PATH in the configuration plan. The value is the actual physical path in the environment.

Enterprise Manager Console 

Also the value for XML_FILE_PATH can be set at runtime by using Enterprise Manager Console as shown in below.

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