Monday, February 18, 2013

Recover from UKASH virus attack

Last week my laptop unfortunately got infected with one kind of UKASH virus.   It was really nasty.  It loked up my machine.  Whenever the lasptop is started this vrius will take over.   It will display one warning page from AFP saying that you are violated some laws in Australia and you are fined  A$100 if you have internet connection.   If my lasptop has no access to the internet it will show one blank screen.   It even turns on the cam in the laptop.

I did some search with Google and found out that there are many useful information about this virus.  I tried the several suggestions from this link:   It is very good and provides many useful suggestions.  Many thanks to the author.

First I tried to boot my machine with Safe Mode with Networking(Pressing key F8 during the stating process).   It tured out that the UKASH virus I got affected seems smart enough.   It will shutdown the machine automatically when trying Safe Mode with Networking.

The next thing I tried is to boot the machine with Safe Mode with Command Prompt.   It was successful. 

After that I did the system restore using the command:

C:\Windows\system32>cd restore

Click on Next button.

Then I select one restore point since I knew when my laptop got affected.   I chose the one that was before the affection time.   Then click on Next button.
Make sure the restore point is correct.  Then click on Finish button.   There is a confimation and warning popup and click on Yes button.  Then system restore is started.   It will take a while. 
After the system restore is done I boot my laptop again and this time it was successful to do so.



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