Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some useful RPM commands

Install an RPM package

rpm –ivh your_package_file_name

For example

rpm –ivh http://xyz.com:8085/ SOAMDS-MDSPREPAIDACT-7/artifact/JOB1/dist/MDS-PrepaidActivation-1.0-7.noarch.rpm

Query all installed packages

rpm -qa

This command will display all the installed package names. Not they are package names not package file names.


Query a particular installed package

rmp –q your_package_name


Display the information of a particular installed package

rpm –qi your_package_name


Unintall an RPM package

rpm –e your_package_name


This command will uninstall the package. Note here it is the package name not the package file name.

For example

rpm –e MDS-PrepaidActivation-1.0-5

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